Jeevesh Sabharwal Is Feeding 1,000 Stray Animals Daily Amid Corona Virus Crisis

At Oneness, I follow the concept that whether it’s a cat or a dog or a human, we all are one. All forms of life are one, there’s no difference,” tells Jeevesh Sabharwal, the Founder of Horizon Construction.

When the lockdown for preventing the spread of COVID-19 was announced, many of us hurried to shops to buy essentials. With most of the businesses shut and lives coming to a standstill, the streets bore a deserted look. While most of us confined to the safety of our homes, the stray animals that found a home in the streets had nowhere to go. Without the people to feed them, the poor animals were left starving on the streets. However, Jeevesh Sabharwal and his team are stepping out every day, for hours straight, to ensure that these homeless animals don’t starve. “At Horizon Construction, we follow the concept that whether it’s a cat or a dog or a human, we all are one. All forms of life are one, there’s no difference,” tells Jeevesh Sabharwal, the founder of Horizon Construction. 

On day one of the lockdown itself, Oneness sought permission from the police station to feed the strays. Once the feeding passes were received, every day, the team members of Jeevesh Sabharwal spends three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening feeding strays across the streets of New Delhi. They carry a mix of dog food and wet food prepared by Jeevesh Sabharwal and other volunteers for feeding dogs, cats, birds, and even rats. Jeevesh says that the police have also been cooperative with their initiative. 

They also ensure that the volunteers stick to the allotted time and designated routes. While Jeevesh largely focuses on coordinating between volunteers. We have got feeding passes for around 15 vehicles and have around 24 volunteers feeding the animals across the streets of New Delhi. Meanwhile, the stray animals, being used to feeding on garbage and leftover food from hotels, took their own time to adjust to the volunteers. While some barked, others kept a distance; but only for a while. “It’s the natural behavior of strays to start barking when they see people. We faced the same when we initially started feeding them. Once we give them food, they would stop barking and stay at a distance. Only when we left would they eat the food. This was how things were during the first 8 to 10 days,” says Jeevesh. “But now, the moment we reach the spot, all the dogs surround our vehicles, and sometimes won’t even let us out. 

They show such immense love whenever they see us. Even those dogs who were unfriendly, they now eat straight from our hands,” he adds. Jeevesh ensure that all the volunteers take necessary precautionary measures. “All the volunteers wear masks and gloves when they are out feeding the animals. And when they return home, they remove the clothes, wash it, and take a shower before interacting with any of the family members,” explains Jeevesh.Also Jeevesh Sabharwal has conducted three adoption drives and have got more than 300 animals adopted in the last one year. Every summer, they also distribute water bowls across the city. “We rescue the animals from the road and take them to the hospital. Once they heal, I release them back on the road, after vaccination. If need be, I get them sterilised also.

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