Jeevesh Sabharwal Ensuring A New Dimensional Shift Towards Faith-Based Tourism

The tourism industry has been constantly innovating itself to meet the demands of the Gen-Y generation.  To cater to the growing needs of travellers, many businesses and entrepreneurs have started offering comprehensive faith-based tourism products and services. One such initiative has been started by Jeevesh Sabharwal, the founder and CEO of Horizon Construction. Under the aegis of the renowned hospitality brand, Sarovar Portico, Jeevesh Sabharwal has launched three new properties that offer best-in-class services to tourists visiting Badrinath and Rishikesh.

With over a decade long experience in the real estate industry, Jeevesh is now looking at redefining the way faith-based tourism and adventure tourism operate.  “There is a lot more that goes into providing rich customer experience than just a luxurious hotel room with plush facilities.” says Jeevesh Sabharwal.  He believes that it is important for hotels and restaurants to plugin an element of local communities, culture, and arts in order to offer a rich experience to pilgrims, tourists and adventurists. Very often the experience that travellers seek is lost at the level of the supporting industries.

To address these gaps in the tourism service industry, Sabharwal has differentiated service offerings strategically placed across the consumer’s life cycle, which include:

  1. Helicopter charter service provided by sister concern, Pilgrimage Aviation.
  2. Three-star property, Sarovar Portico Badrinath.
  3. Camp Ghangharia, a state-of-the-art tented accommodation within the Uttranchal greens.
  4. Sarovar Camps Rishikesh, an extension of Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, which offers guided excursions and treks amidst the Himalayan ranges.

With Camp Ghangharia and Sarovar Camps Rishikesh, Jeevesh aims at taking adventure tourism to the next level. The team has adequate training and facilities to provide assistance for rafting, adventure, cultural activities, and excursions. Full-day excursions are available for Kunjapuri and Devprayag whereas half-day excursion package covers local sight-seeing in Rishikesh and trek to Malakunti village.

Pilgrimage tourism is becoming a significant growth sector for the India tourism industry. More Indian and even international tourists are opting to go to popular religious spots such as Badrinath, Kedarnath, Puri, Varanasi, Tirupati, and more. Innovations like these will pave the way for new trends in the industry.

Apart from tourism-related ventures, Jeevesh is also working on introducing a first-of-its-kind 200-room hotel in Greater Noida. This hotel will boast of a unique modular structure, inspired by Antilla.